Our Story

Zikrayet is Arabic for “ memories”. And memories are what started this restaurant…

Two Lebanese couples, who emigrated to U.S. ,were discussing how much thy missed home. Lebanon, a picturesque country on the cost of the Mediterranean Sea, is know for the world-renowned cuisine, entertaining nightlife and hospitable spirit.

So, they decided to bring Lebanon to Alexandria VA.

Zikrayet offers the full Lebanese experience – exquisite homemade food, life entertainment and traditional hookah.

Lebanon continuously makes best-travel list. But at Zikrayet, you can skip the travel. – and experience what a night is like in one of the most fun-filed countries in the world.

The Phenomena

Lebanon’s food is not only renowned across the Middle East – but worldwide.

That why Zikrayet is proud to serve Lebanese cuisine. Chef Samer, who’s been with Zkirayet for more than a decade, uses imported spices, fresh ingredients and rue passion – to celebrate dishes that have been enjoyed for generations

NOTE: We serve only halal meat.