We proudly offer the full Lebanese experience - Lebanese food & wine with a twist of hookah & live Entertainment

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For Dinner

The Lebanese Treat

Menu Card

  • Hommous (V) 8.50

    A savory dish made from cooked pureed chick peas, blended with tahini. and lemon juice.

  • Grape Leaves (V) 9

    Leaves stuffed with rice, tomato, onions and parsley blended with lemon juice and spices.

  • Manouche Zaatar 9

  • Manouche Cheese 11

  • Lahme Bl Ajeen 13

  • Taboule (V) 12

    Finely chopped parsley, tomato, dry mint, tomatoa and onions blended w/ lemon salt and olive oil.

  • Fattouch (V) 12

    Chopped romain lettuce, tomatoes, greenpepper, radishes, cucumbers and onions tossed in a lemon sum. Add chicken shawarma | Add beef shawarma | Add grilled shrimp | Add salmon.

  • Chicken Shawarma 20

    Thin cuts of seasoned marinated chicken served with a side of rice.  

  • Beef Shawarma 21

    Thin cuts of seasoned marinated top round served with a side of rice.


The Inside Story



Zikrayet is Arabic for “memories.” And memories are what started this restaurant...

Two Lebanese couples, who emigrated to the U.S., were discussing how much they missed home. Lebanon, a picturesque country on the coast of the Mediterannean Sea, is known for its world-renowned cuisine, entertaining nightlife and hospitable spirit.

So, they decided to bring Lebanon to Alexandria, VA.

The gift to you

Zikrayet offers the full Lebanese experience -- exquisite homemade food, live entertainment and traditional hookah.

Lebanon continuously makes best-travel lists. But at Zikrayet, you can skip the travel -- and experience what a night is like in one of the most fun-filled countries in the world.

The Phenomena

Lebanon’s food is not only renowned across the Middle East -- but worldwide.

That’s why Zikrayet is proud to serve authentic Lebanese cuisine.
Chef Samer, who’s been with Zikrayet for more than a decade, uses imported spices, fresh ingredients and true passion -- to celebrate dishes that have been enjoyed for generations.

NOTE: all meat served here is halal.

We Cater for you

Have an office meeting? Let us do the catering!

We offer delectable Mediterranean platters that are delicious, healthy and fresh. With vegan options like hummus, baba ghanouj and labne; lean proteins like chicken shawarma, lamb kabobs and kafta; and hearty salads like taboule and fattouch -- you’ll be shocked at how flavorful healthy can be.

We host your Events

Let us host your next event!

Whether you’re celebrating a wedding or birthday -- or hosting a business lunch or meeting -- our venue can accommodate all your needs. Clients can even book performers through our venue. Our open, luxurious space accommodates 180 people.

The Weekend Story

Zikrayet offers live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night.

We bring in some of the most talented Arabic performers from across the U.S. and world. With the beat of Arabic drums, a fully-stocked bar and expansive dance floor -- Zikrayet transforms into a lively Beirut nightclub every weekend.

Performances begin after 9 p.m. every Friday and Saturday. Call ahead to reserve a table -- they go fast!