Welcome to Zikrayet

Delivering great food for more than 18 years!

Our Story

Welcome to Zikrayet, a culinary journey into the heart of Lebanon. In Arabic, ‘Zikrayet’ means ‘Memories,’ and our story is woven with the essence of bringing communities together through the love of culture, cuisine, and shared moments. Zikrayet was born from the desire to create a gathering place for the community, a hub where connections are made, friendships are forged, and memories are cherished. Our weekends come alive with vibrant beats as our DJs and live singers bring an eclectic medley of Arabic music from across the Middle East, infusing the air with joy and happiness.

What truly sets us apart is our dedication to authenticity. Our menu reflects the rich and diverse flavors of Lebanon, offering a 100% Lebanese culinary experience. Each dish tells a story, crafted with traditional recipes and the finest ingredients, ensuring every bite is a tantalizing homage to Lebanese cuisine. At Zikrayet, we aspire to be more than just a restaurant – we’re a cultural haven where the aroma of delicious food mingles with the spirit of togetherness, creating moments that turn into cherished memories. Come, join us, and let’s craft unforgettable experiences, one meal at a time.